Top 10 Flute Rock Cover Videos

Greetings and welcome to a new Flute Friday. Anybody that knows me knows that I love 80’s metal music. I am a Guns n’ Roses super fan for life and have tortured my husband for years blasting the very best of Jon Bon Jovi (I am still depressed that his 2020 tour was canceled due to COVID-19 – We had tickets!). After binge watching Rock of Love Seasons 1 and 2 earlier this week during an intense book revision deadline (because Bret Michaels also rocks), I was inspired to search for flute covers of rock hits on YouTube. Below are my top 10 picks for best flute cover videos. We definitely need more! I think one of my pet projects after I complete my book is to find my leather jacket and record a few Gn’R cover tunes. Gotta make Slash wish that he played flute! Happy viewing and ROCK ON!

1.         Chop Suey! System of a Down

Video by FluteCovers. Love the use of flutter tonguing to emulate vocal wails!

2.         Creep by Radiohead

            Video by ReedsCover (Pauline). Really like some of the added ornamentation. Love the additional flute accompaniment – Creates an even more haunting tone to the music.

3.         Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

            Video by Wouter Kellerman. Excellent video! Also love that he has a band. A lot of wonderful work went into creating this video. Love the additional flutes in the operatic section – This should definitely be scored for flute choir! A piccolo might add a bit more rock n’roll.

4.         Master of Puppets – Metallica

            Video by HeavyMetalFlute. This is a super cool video – Love the more rock video style! The addition of beatboxing makes the flute sound far more interesting (another plug to start learning beatboxing). Really like the three superimposed videos of the performer playing different parts.

5.         Numb – Linkin Park

Video by MelissaFlutes. Simple tune and simple video – Makes playing along to pop and rock tunes accessible for even beginning students.

6.         Thunderstruck by AC/DC

            Video by Andreu Marques. Another super awesome video! Love the use of flute loops to create unique sounds that emulate classic rock riffs. All I can say is that I love this one!

7.         Shallow from A Star is Born – Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga

            Video by Redbrick Duo. Okay – so not as rock n’ roll as the previous videos but I really liked this cover. Simple yet beautiful. I may need to add this to my next recital…

8.         Dust in the Wind – Kansas (Native American Flute Cover) –

            Video by FluteTastic. Really like the use of a non-western flute in this cover. It really fits the vibe of the song! This is perfect meditation music. Grab your headphones, press play, and close your eyes. Beautiful!

9.         Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

            Video by Musician’s Addition. Love this – Excellent Ozzy impression! Awesome additional ornamentation – Thinking like guitarists! (That of course is our challenge.)

10.       We Will Rock You – Queen (Electric Flute)

            Video by The Techie Flutist. Awesome electronic effects and super cool loops to create a metal sound. Rock on!


Do you have a favorite flute cover video? Do you perform rock covers? Do you have a favorite artist that performs rock covers? What songs do you wish we had more flute cover videos for? (*cough November Rain cough*) Please comment below!

Happy Fluting!


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