20 Reasons to be Grateful that you play the Flute

Greetings and welcome to a special edition of Flute Friday. Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, today’s blog features 20 reasons to be grateful that you are a flute player (as if you needed more of an incentive to play the flute). Enjoy and safe travels this weekend!


Top 20 Reasons to be Grateful that you Play the Flute

  1. Small cases that literally fit in purses or backpacks. Hello, portability!
  2. The flute does not weigh very much. No weight lifting necessary (sorry, tubas).
  3. Interesting parts in band and orchestra (sorry again, tubas).
  4. The flute (and piccolo) are almost always the highest voices in an ensemble. We are the proverbial icing on the musical cake.
  5. No spit values. Cleaning our instruments is a piece of cake. We can post-rehearsal puddle of yuck.
  6. Fluterscooter bags! Check them out. They are super chic and functional: www.fluterscooter.com
  7. The flute can adapt to a number of different styles and groups (band, orchestra, jazz, rock n’roll, folk, irish gig bands, etc.).
  8. Multiphonics (or the ability to create strange, unique, ethereal sounds using two notes at the same time).
  9. Flute horoscopes (yes, this is a plug) Check out what the stars have in store for your flute playing this month: http://thefluteview.com/2017/11/dr-gs-november-flute-horoscopes-rachel-taylor-geier/?platform=hootsuite
  10. Muppets love the flute (or at least they loved Jean Pierre Rampal and his flute playing. Muppets have good taste!).
  11. Jethro Tull showed us that the flute has metal band potential. We rock!
  12. The Glissando headjoint (how cool is this: http://robertdick.net/the-glissando-headjoint/). Thanks, Robert Dick!
  13. Connecting with old colleagues and meeting new flute friends from around the world at the annual National Flute Association Convention.
  14. Flute Talk, The Flute View, Pan, and The Flutist Quarterly. Monthly publications that keep us up to date with new flute trends.
  15. Trick fingerings (brass, strings, and percussion – don’t be jelly).
  16. Our instrument is in the key of C. That means: No transposing!
  17. Numerous pieces written to make the flute sound like various types of birds. Birds are cool.
  18. Flute choirs and fun flute choir literature.
  19. Jazz flute and the performers that make Jazz Flute rock! (Hubert Laws, etc.)
  20. Baroque flute and the performers that make baroque flute amazing (Bart Kuijken, etc.)

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Happy fluting!

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