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When I was a younger student, I was always a bit overwhelmed when searching for new pieces to work on over the summer or selecting a program for a future recital. There are so many to choose from!!! My go-to recital approach was to select a piece from each of the 4 major compositional eras (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary) with maybe another more off-the-wall contemporary piece or an additional French Flute School showstopper to keep things interesting. That often meant taking an adventure to the music library, flipping through numerous scores, listening to flute CDs, and chatting with my fellow flutists for recommendations. Sometimes what helped me the most, however, was simply browsing repertoire lists on the internet. Repertoire lists are great resources as they help jog your mind for pieces that you may have heard in the past that you found interesting, or exciting pieces by a particular composer that you may want to listen to or learn more about before reading through and programming. Today’s blog will feature a sample repertoire list for those of you searching for new pieces to try, listed according to compositional era. If you are searching for a new piece to sight read and possibly add to your next program, I hope today’s post will help you find a new, inspiring work to incorporate into your practice routine.

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Bach, C.P.E.                        Concerto in D Minor, Wq. 22

Bach, C.P.E.                        Concerto in A Minor , Wq. 166

Bach, C.P.E.                        Concerto in B-flat Major , Wq. 167

Bach, C.P.E.                        Concerto in G Major, Wq. 168

Bach, C.P.E.                        Concerto in A, Wq. 169

Bach, C.P.E.                        “Hamburger” Sonata in G Major

Bach, C.P.E.                        Sonata in A Minor (Solo Flute)

Bach, J.S.                            Partita in A Minor, BWV 1013 (Solo Flute)

Bach, J.S.,                            Sonata in E-flat Major, BWV1031

Bach, J.S.                             Sonata in G Minor, BWV 1020

Bach, J.S.                             Sonata in A Major, BWV 1032

Bach, J.S.                             Sonata in C Major, BWV 1033

Bach, J.S.                             Sonata in E Major, BWV 1035

Bach, J.S.                             Sonata in E Minor, BWV 1034

Bach, J.S.                             Sonata in B Minor, BWV 1030

Bach, J.S.                             Suite in B Minor, BWV 1067

Boccherini, Luigi              Concerto in D, op. 27

Handel, G.F.                       Eleven Sonatas

Kleinknecht, J.F.                Sonata in B Minor

Leclair, J.M.                        Sonata in G, Op. 9, No. 7

Leclair, J.M.                        Sonata in E Minor, Op. 9, No. 2

Marais, Marin                   Les Folies d’Espagne (Solo Flute)

Pergolesi, G.B.                   Concerto in G Major

Telemann, G.P.                 12 Fantasies (Solo Flute)

Telemann, G.P.                 Suite in A Minor

Quantz, J.J.                         Concerto in G Major

Vivaldi, Antonio               6 Concerti, op. 10

rep list 3


Devienne, François          Concerto No. 2 in D

Devienne, François          Concerto No. 7 in e

Devienne, François          Concerto No. 8

Devienne, François          Sonata in D Major

Devienne, François          Sonata in E Minor

Gluck, C.W.                        Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Mozart, W.A.                     Concerto in G, K. 313

Mozart, W.A.                     Concerto in D, K. 314

Mozart, W.A.                     Andante and Rondo

Mozart, W.A.                     Three Sonatas, K. 285, 285b, 298 (arr. L. Moyse)

Stamitz, Anton                  Concerto in D Major

Stamitz, Carl                      Concerto in G Major, op. 29

rep list 4


Boehm, Theobald            Concerto in G Major, Op. 1

Boehm, Theobald            Grande Polonaise

Borne, Francis                  Carmen Fantasie

Bozza                                  Agrestide

Büsser                                Prélude and Scherzo

Casella, Alfredo                Sicilienne et Burlesque

Chaminade, Cécile           Concertino

Demersseman, Jules        Sixième Solo de Concert

Doppler, Franz,                 Hungarian Pastoral Fantasie

Dutilleux                             Sonatine

Enesco                                 Cantabile et Presto

Fauré                                    Fantasie

Ganne                                  Andante and Scherzo

Gaubert                               Fantasie

Gaubert                               Madrigal

Gaubert                               Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando

Hüe                                       Fantasie

Kuhlau, Friedrich              Six Divertissements, Op. 68 for flute and piano

Mercadante, Saverio         Concerto in E Minor

Périlhou                               Ballade

Reinecke, Carl                    Sonata “Undine”

Schubert, Franz                 Introduction and Variations

Schubert, Franz                 Sonata in A Minor “Arpeggione”

Taffanel                               Andante Pastorale and Scherzettino

Taffanel, Paul                     Grande Fantasie sur Mignon

Widor, Charles-Marie       Suite

rep list 5


Berio                                    Sequenza (Solo Flute)

Bloch, Ernst                        Suite Modale

Bolling, Claude                  Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano

Bozza, Eugène                   Image (Solo Flute)

Burton, Eldin                      Sonatina

Carter, Elliott                      Scrivo in vento (Solo Flute)

Copland, Aaron                 Duo

Corigliano, John                Voyage

Debussy                               Syrinx (Solo Flute)

Dick, Robert                       Afterlight (Solo Flute)

Feld, Jindrich                     Sonata

Foote, Arthur                     A Night Piece

Françaix, Jean                    Divertimento

Françaix, Jean                    Suite for Solo Flute (Solo Flute)

Fukushima, Kazuo            Mei (Solo Flute)

Griffes                                  Poem

Hanson                                Serenade

Hindemith                          Eight Pieces (Solo Flute)

Hindemith                          Sonata

Honegger                            Danse de la chèvre (Solo Flute)

Hoover, Katherine            Kokopeli (Solo Flute)

Ibert, Jacques                     Pièce (Solo Flute)

Ibert,                                    Concerto

Jolivet                                   Chant de Linos

Jolivet, André                    Cinq Incantations (Solo Flute)

Jolivet, André                    Concerto

Karg-Elert, Sigfrid             Sonata Appassionata in F# Minor, op. 140 (Solo Flute)

Kennan                                Night Soliloquy

Liebermann, Lowell         Sonata

Martin, Frank                    Ballade

Martinu, Bohuslav           Sonata

Messiaen                            Le merle noir

Mower, Mike                     Sonata Latino

Muczynski, Robert           3 Preludes (Solo Flute)

Muczynski, Robert           Sonata

Nielsen, Carl                      Concerto

Piazzolla, Astor                 6 Tango Etudes (Solo Flute)

Piston, Walter                    Sonata

Poulenc, Francis                Sonata

Prokofiev, Sergei              Sonata

Ran, Shulamit                    East Wind (Solo Flute)

Rivier, Jean                        Concerto

Roussel, Albert                  Joueurs de Flûte

Rutter, John                       Suite Antique

Sancan                                Sonatine

Schulhoff, Erwin               Sonata

Takemitsu, Toru                Air (Solo Flute)

Taktakishvili, Otar            Sonata for Flute and Piano

Varèse, Edgard                  Density 21.5 (Solo Flute)


Happy fluting (and sight reading)!



  1. Hi! I am currently a junior flute player in high school, and I am nearing the time for college auditions. Many schools ask for Mozart’s Concerto in G with a contrasting piece, and others just ask for two contrasting pieces. I am also looking to further develop my repertoire, so I was wondering which pieces you would consider to be essential for a flute player. This list is quite extensive, so I was wondering, in your opinion, which pieces you would consider to be essential for every flute player to know and work on. Thank you!

    1. Hi Victoria. Thank you for your excellent question! Both Mozart flute concerti (G and D) are, in my opinion, #1 and #2 of the most essential pieces in flute repertoire. These two pieces are requested quite frequently on auditions of all varieties (from summer programs to professional orchestras). I often refer to these as the “bread and butter” of flute repertoire. It is a great idea to memorize at least the opening movements of both works as you will be asked to play these movements numerous times over the course of your career. Other essential pieces include the Bach Flute Sonatas in C Major and E minor, the Chaminade Concertino, the Hue Fantasie, and both the Ibert and Neilson Concerti. These are some of the most widely performed recital works and are great pieces to use in an orchestral audition as “contrasting works.” If you would like to make a name for yourself as a piccolo player, I would also memorize the Vivaldi Piccolo Concerto in C Major. This piece is a very common addition to orchestral piccolo auditions. Hope this helps and best wishes on your college auditions!

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